It's The Lighting That Defines A Room...

We believe light should create experiences. How you light a space defines the room you step into. It sets the atmosphere. The right lighting will transform even the simplest interior into a high-end aesthetic. Reversely, inferior lighting can make premium designer furniture look bland and lifeless. Discover mid-century modern lamps and lighting fixtures to shape your spaces through light.

LightR will transport you back to the golden age of timeless designer lighting, the mid-century. Mid-century modern designers revolutionized how we perceived lighting. From dusty, bulky appliances to elegant design icons. By letting form follow function, they developed a style based on refined minimalism, clean lines, and subtle, indirect light. This style remains the pinnacle of high-end design.

“This is not your parent’s designer lamps, but the celebrated style reinterpreted for the contemporary world.”
With the European and Scandinavian design tradition as a foundation, you will find designer lights and fixtures for every contemporary taste. We put craftsmanship, quality, and style front and center when curating our collections. You will find inviting, pleasant, and space-defining statement lights to enhance your home, office, or location. Whether your style is classic, modern or experimental, we offer lighting that caters to your taste and needs.
Browse our collections to get inspired to add tasteful lighting to your home. Discover subtle light sources that bring class to your home or office space. Opt for bold statement pieces that provoke feelings, inspire ideas, and touch people entering your home or business.
Note: We recommend you choose carefully. A premium designer light is an exclusive item that may be the talking point of your home for years.